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What is "Bixby"? Samsung's smart new AIl assistant explained!

What is "Bixby"? Samsung's smart new All assistant explained!

What is "Bixby"? Samsung's smart new AI assistant explained!

What is Bixby? We reviewed the new virtual assistant Siri and rival Samsung, Bixby, which arrives on the Galaxy has recently launched S8 late April.

After months of rumors and leaks, the Galaxy S8 was formally introduced, with its larger cousin, the Galaxy S8 +. And it's really a phone. A new design that really brings innovation to the aesthetics of smartphones, the latest in hardware and these incredible edges on the screen.

But there is a new feature that we are particularly interested in. There was much talk of Samsung's ambition of the morning, because last year Vivi recovered - an AI platform developed by the team behind Siri. Just what the company had planned was not clear at first, but as the launch of the Galaxy S8 was near, reports a new virtual assistant to compete with the likes of Google and Siri Next released recently began to emerge.

Now everything has been revealed, with Samsung confirming the presence of its new assistant, Bixby, the upcoming Galaxy S8.

So, is everything okay Bixby? Is it just another Siri clone, and Samsung has managed to transfer its innovation in smartphone design in the AI aspect of your new phone? Fortunately, we are nothere to explain, are we?

What is "Bixby"?

What is "Bixby"? Samsung's smart new AI assistant explained!

As mentioned, Bixby is taking Samsung's personal virtual assistant. Think Siri, Cortana and Google assistant, but with some extras thrown away. Here Samsung in the new feature:

"Samsung has a new conceptual philosophy to guide this problem. Instead of learning how a machine interacts with the world (a reflection of the skills of designers), it is the machine that has to learn and adapt to us. Natural and intuitive to flatten the learning curve, regardless of the number of features added.With this new approach, Samsung has used artificial intelligence, reinforcing the concepts of learning in depth the heart of our user interface designs.Bixby is the result of This effort. "

Mobile editor Max Parker had a short turnaround time with the Galaxy S8, and he felt how the wizard works on the phone, but we're still not going to try the latest Samsung software feature.

That being said, there are some things we know about it. Main characteristics:

How does "BixBy" work?

First, the most left home screen is Bixby's main axis, where you will see news, your steps, your heart rate, YouTube videos suggested and more. The wizard will also appear in all S8 software, offering useful actions and suggestions.

"BixBy" in apps:

Applications that have been enabled to work with Bixby can use the wizard, indicating that Samsung will be able to support almost all the tasks included in this application. The company also promises that its new assistant is a complete tool in this regard, able to carry out other tasks in specific applications than the attending competitors.

Of course, users will be able to call and speak with Bixby commands, such as Siri, you can ask questions and perform basic tasks. When using what Samsung calls a "compatible Bixby application," you can open the wizard at any time. The company says that then understand the current situation and the status of the application you are using.

What is "Bixby"? Samsung's smart new AI assistant explained!

Which applications are currently enabled by Bixby? Well, at launch, you are likely to play with the new wizard "a subset of preinstalled applications". Beyond that, we are not entirely sure how Bixby will integrate into other applications, especially those of third-party developers.

Samsung also said that "Bixby will allow users to create different modes of interaction, including touch or voice in any application context, in their opinion, the most convenient and intuitive." Just what this means "knitting" is still somewhat mysterious, but it seems that you can interact with the wizard in whatever way you want, either by voice or touch input, without having to worry Bixby are confused if you switch between these methods social reintegration.

And if you are afraid of having to say an annoying trigger phrase, you will be pleased to know that there is a dedicated Bixby button on the side of the Galaxy S8 and S8 +. By pressing it, the wizard will appear so you can enjoy AI functionality without announcing to the world. As explained Samsung: "Power and unlock the phone, find the phone application, click on the contact bar to find the person you are trying to call and press the phone icon to start dialing - you can do all these Steps by pressing the Bixby button and a simple command ".

What is "Bixby"? Samsung's smart new AI assistant explained!

Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the new ability to use Bixby S8 with the Galaxy Camera. Samsung has provided a feature to use the camera to scan an item and search online to get the best price available. We are not yet going to verify this, but this seems to be a truly innovative addition, although there is another excuse to spend money.

The use of Bixby with the voice:

Samsung says Bixby does not confuse if it does not say the exact phrase required to trigger a particular action. It is said that the wizard is smart enough to understand the seemingly incomplete information and start to create a task, even though it did not include the whole order - compliance of the parts he understood and what awaits him has to fill later More empty orders.

Sammy also promises "new voice interfaces" to make everything as intuitive as possible, so it would not take long to get accustomed to the features of Bixby.

"BixBy" in the future:

Samsung said that Bixby is only the first part of its plan for AI in smartphones. In the future, the company will add more Bixby applications before running a tool (in the SDK) that third-party developers can use to make their applications and services compatible with Bixby.

And it does not go to the smartphones that benefit from the changes in Bixby. Samsung intends to add its new assistant to all its devices, allowing you to "control your air conditioner or TV through Bixby." He says he will use cloud technology as long as a device has an Internet connection and a "simple circuits to receive voice inputs", which can be connected to Bixby. Everything is designed to make the wizard in every aspect of your life, which is exactly what Amazon is trying to do with its assistant and eco camera Alexa, and many others, like Google and Apple, who work for.

Unfortunately, Samsung is very careful when certain Bixby features will be available in specific regions. The latest information we have is that Bixby will be available on all Samsung S8 smartphones at launch, but its voice feature will be available in English and Korean American May. More languages will be supported over time, according to the company. If users in the UK can enjoy all the features of Bixby in May, use the English version of the United States are not clear at this stage, but we should hear more in the near future.

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