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The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" | specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

What you should know about "Samsung Galaxy Note 8"!

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

"Galaxy Note 8" design: What is new?

Samsung uses previous Galaxy Note devices to test new design concepts. In fact, we saw the display of the "Edge" cursor Samsung Note on a phone, and now is a basic element of the Galaxy S series.

However, the most likely scenario will be that we will see a new version of the Galaxy S7 for the 8th note. This is a pretty drastic departure from the Galaxy 7 Aesthetic Note, but the response to the new design has been positive. So far, we expect Samsung Will retain the.

With the Galaxy S7, Samsung has introduced what it calls an 'Infinity Display'. This means that the front of the phone has been redesigned, the Home button is moved to the back of the phone. The edge edge edge bent display is maintained, but the top and bottom of the bezel is much thinner. The result is that most of the front of the phone is occupied by the screen, which makes it a very attractive phone.

Taking into account the media beat Samsung has created around the Infinity Display 'design, we would be surprised if it had been discarded for the note 8.

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

It is important to note that the "Infinity Display" screen means much more screen space can be packed in the same size of the body. For example, the Galaxy S8 + is only slightly larger than the Galaxy S7 Edge, but the screen size has increased from 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches with the new phone. Since the Galaxy Note 7 uses a 5.7-inch screen, we expect screen gains of similar size.

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It is also very likely that Samsung maintains the IP68 certified sealed design that we have seen on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy 7 S8. This means that the phone has been tested underwater to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes - and lived to tell it.

We have already seen some leaks, including those posted by titles from Android and China - even if we can not verify their legitimacy:

 The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

Then there is this report, which was sent to Slashleaks. As usual, we can not verify - and Samsung declined to comment - so we take it with caution:

 The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

"Galaxy Note 8" specifications: What is New?

As I mentioned in the design section, it is likely that Samsung will increase the screen size of 5.7 inches in Note 7. We expect something north of 6.2 inches without seeing a significant increase in body size thanks To the new design of Infinity Display '.

But we also hope to see a screen resolution solution, in line with the Galaxy S8. Galaxy Note and Galaxy 7 S7 both used Quad HD screens - or 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. But the Galaxy S8 has seen a shift to QHD +, which means you have 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. Since the 7 Note screen should increase, it would be very surprising that the resolution has not exceeded QHD +.

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

But it is also possible that we see an increasing blow, with a last chance to show an Ultra HD 4K on the horizon. Earlier this year, the Korea Herald released a report on how Samsung was working to dramatically increase the pixel density of its virtual reality VR headset. The simplest way to do this would greatly reduce the number of pixels in the Galaxy Note 8, which is then anchored in the helmet as a screen.

While it is clear that the benefits of the 4K phone at normal viewing distances are not worth upgrading to UHD for RV purposes is certainly helpful. This is because the phone is so close to the eyes that the pixels become much more obvious. In addition, as a VR headset requires that the images are divided into bits in a stereoscopic (ie two-part) way, the resolution will reduce the technique with respect to the mean. Therefore, switching to a 4K Galaxy Note 8 screen would be a simple way for Samsung to strengthen the quality of their virtual reality mobile experience.

So what should we expect? Although it is likely that the Galaxy Note 8 retain the same processor used in the Galaxy S8. This means that the Exynos 8995 custom chipset from Samsung is the powerful Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm 835. Anyway, you get a chip in Samsung's 10nm manufacturing process highly efficient, which means it will be more powerful and less hungry .

However, Samsung is still willing to pack Galaxy Note devices with bonus features. The latest version has an iris scanner and an S-Pen pen to get you started, so expect a lot of the same Note Galaxy Note 8. Other features like NFC and fingerprint scanner are also really available. So what new Samsung features could we add? It's hard to say at this point, but we could see an increase of 6GB of RAM, or maybe an improved storage - 128GB standard, maybe? The only rumor we have raised so far shows two storage variants of 64 GB and 128 GB, which is certainly a possibility.

Finally, it is very likely that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a dual camera module. Revised analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the phone included two lenses in the phablet and called it "making the most important level" be taken into account. 8. It would not be a big surprise because the feature was still widespread for the previous Galaxy S8. We have already seen this feature on the iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei and LG P10 G6, so Samsung was certainly considering two cameras.

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

In the software front, it is likely that the Galaxy Note 8 will launch before the next Android OS or Google is widely available. Instead, we hope that Note 8 brings the Android Nougat 7.0 demonstrated with Bixby PDA Samsung loaded boot.

"Galaxy Note 8" | "Battery Safety": Exploit there?

No one can forget when you remember Samsung Galaxy Note 7 twice last year after a battery problem that caused the extinction of some users' spontaneous phones. Whether it is an exaggerated reaction or not, it will certainly not make consumers sure that it is Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The good news is that the Galaxy Note 8 is probably not going to explode; Samsung will be very keen to avoid such an error for a second consecutive year, taking into account the economic damage of Note 7 découlée.

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

In order to prevent the burning of phones in 2017, Samsung launched the new scheme of "8-point battery safety control" in its manufacturing process of smartphones: "It is to our batteries to using extreme tests inside and Outside, followed by a thorough inspection by X-rays and the human eye to ensure the highest quality. "

"Galaxy Note 8" Prices | How much does it cost?

The bad news is that Samsung will probably charge you a significant amount of money for the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note 7 last year launched the price of £ 749 in the UK, which is more than a free throw what Usually pay a premium smartphone.

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

However, this year we have seen the Galaxy S8 + price at £ 779, and we would be very surprised if the Galaxy Note 8 was cheaper. There is a possibility that you can even vomit £ 799, since the phone usually contains additional material including the Galaxy S main line not found.

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The only flight we have known so far is that of renowned journalist and journalist Evan Blass Venture Beat, who has published a new report says Galaxy Note 8 will cost an incredible amount. € 999. However, the new Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 + cost € 799 and € 899, respectively, so this new phone triumph fairly.

Since then, the UK, Galaxy and S8 Galaxy S8 + cost £ 689 and £ 779 respectively, we expect that Galaxy Note 8 costs somewhere in the region of £ 869 to £ 899, according to Blass demands.

What do you expect for the "Galaxy Note 8"?

If you are thinking for a "Galaxy Note 8", there is a lot to consider.

If you do not want to pay a lot of money for the best specs, look elsewhere. The Samsung Note series are power devices, with advanced specifications and features, and a huge price tag to boot. It is worth considering the Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 or Samsung + if you are not willing to wait.

If you need the best in smartphonerie, stay around. We hope that Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best phones Samsung has ever created, so if you are going to choose a new phone this year and make money, Galaxy Note 8 could be a good choice. It is also planned to release simultaneously with the Apple iPhone, so it is always worth seeing what September brings before spending money on a new phone.

Also note the budget alternatives. Remember that most mid-range phones are very suitable for getting most things these days. Why would you splash £ 800 on a phone when you could get a sub-200 Moto G that will do almost everything you need?

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

"Galaxy Note 8" | summary.

Here is a consolidated version of what you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Design: Samsung will almost certainly borrow from the "Galaxy S8" for the "Galaxy Note 8", with a massive ‘Infinity Display’ looking like the most likely design edition.

Specifications: We expect to see an Exynos 8995 or Snapdragon 835 chip on board, as well as all the usual high-end features: fingerprint sensors, iris scanners and waterproofing.

Price: high-end specifications, costs a face-eye, so expect to pay more than £ 700 if the historical versions of the rating system are needed.

"Galaxy Note 8" | concept renders:

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

The "Samsung Galaxy" "Note 8" |  specs, release date, rumors & price explained!

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