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How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

Although a simple corkscrew has the best qualifications to open a bottle of wine, several alternatives can intervene if necessary. They do not agree technical to debut at a dinner, but with practice, some certainly impress. For all methods, the sheet or the plastic cap around the neck of the bottle should be removed.

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

Compatible with corkscrews:

Although apparently HanyNabil can pull the cork out of a bottle with a friend's corkscrew waiter in a quick move, Cork Screw Flights can sometimes transform cork extraction from a frustrating experience. Many objects can be used to work a bottle cap as effectively as bad corkscrews.

Drive a large screw thread into the cork and remove it (and cork) with pliers. Touch three headless nails into the plug at an angle, pincers with tweezers and carefully draw the cork. Even a key can be driven on the cork until it is closed, then it is routed with forceps. In all cases, the trick is to keep the cork and the extractor while turning the bottle, allowing the weight of the bottle to release the lid. Even a pair of work scissors. Drive the thinner blade down and through the cork, hold the handle and torsissez the bottle until the cork begins to loosen.

Science Rescue:

The applied physics thus, instead of the raw brute force can force the cork of the neck without touching the cork. Pat the bottle gently against a hard surface, transferring the shock force through the cork wine. Wrap the base of a wine bottle in the tablecloth or towel, keep the bottle horizontal and gently press the base of the wall against the wall. The technique works best with natural corks instead of plastic plugs, which tend to be solved quickly. After a couple of touches, cork should start to protrude far enough to be removed.

A heavy flat heeled shoe (not sneakers or heels) can also be used to protect the bottle while hitting a wall. Nestle the base of the bottle into the inner sole of the shoe, supported by the heel of the sole of the shoe and the faucet on the wall. Again, the square of the bottom of the bottle comes into contact with the wall, plus the impact force is transferred through the cork stopper. To avoid injury, completely wrap the bottle in a cloth, wear heavy gloves and never directly contact the glass bottle on a hard surface.

Touches of Style:

Some techniques should only be performed by the emergency stopper bottle extracts. Emphasizing the heat of a welder's cook can put a cork. Wear safety goggles and hold the bottle upright to the arms, making the flame in the air fill part of the neck of the bottle. After 20 or 30 seconds, the air inside expands sufficiently to push the lid.

For sparkling wines, carving the neck of the bottle with a saber is a touch of fineness. In the absence of weapons of the nineteenth century, you can practice at home supposedly sabrage with a heavy chef's knife. Keep the neck of the bottle pointing away from you, run the flat edge of the blade from the shoulder to the neck of the bottle, tapping the lip on the neck when the cork is wired. With tap of net in a cold bottle, the cork and the neck are perfectly. The pressure inside the bottle will explode the neck and broken glass fragments. Do not try a wine without gas.

Desperate measures:

A strong, thin tool pushes down the cork with enough strength, finally, make the cork into the bottle, which is poured the wine. As the stations are available, it is the last. Not only thepen, toothbrush or a screwdriver in question are likely to be cut on one side, but the wine cork will accumulate debris.

In some cases, however, alternatives to the mouth stems have a practical purpose. The stoppers on Portuguese wines, for example, can degrade over time and become too fragile for a corkscrew. A pen comes to the rescue. First warm up a pair of access clips in a red flame and gently squeeze around the neck of the bottle. After 20 seconds, the glass will be hot. Remove the clamps, dip a feather in ice water, and let it fall around your neck, cracking the glass itself around the neck. The port was decanted carefully through cheesecloth or a decanter with the funnel screen.

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

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