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How to do things with Trello?

How to do things with Trello?

The job is to prioritize, organize and manage tasks, information and ideas. I've tried hundreds of task lists and project management tools to get the job done, but I finally decided to use Trello. Now it's my Swiss Army knife, where I do everything from working with my wife on shopping lists to creating products from my company teaches students to write a book.

Trello offers a very flexible way to do this and has a complete ecosystem of applications andextensions to make your life simpler. If you are new to Trello, here's a start-up guide to help you understand Trello's basics and how you can use the service to manage work and get things done.

How to do things with Trello?

WHAT Trello And why the need?

Trello is like steroids on the to-do list. At the heart of this card, it is a card that is the basic unit of information and can be around the lists. Here is a simpleTrello card. He has a title with something I plan to do in the near future.

The following is a more complex Trello card that contains a title, a description (optional), attachments (you can even pull files from Dropbox or Google Drive), comments from other people and a variety of things including checklists And labels. Each card has a unique email address and you can add comments to the map by simply sending a message to that address.

WHAT Trello And why the need?


You can make a simple map or as complex as you want. Letters are organized into flexible lists. The lists provide an overview of several cards and you can click on it to see the details. The stores list all the related cards.

In this example, each card in the Trello list corresponds to a feature that I have built for a product. Lists are grouped on the cards. The board is really a project. If you look at my products from the image below, you will see lists such as order book, implementation, quality control, Questions and Done.

How to do things with Trello

I see this as an assembly line for the manufacture of products. Me Trello creates a map for each feature or idea and adds to the delay list. The team discusses and adds additional details to each card. Then the developers are dragging individual cards into the In Application list and once the task is completed, it moves to the QA list. The testers would then move to be done once they have passed all necessary controls.

Each of my projects have a board this way and you can do a lot of interesting things with it. For example, I use the Pomello extension to resume a Trello task and start working on it. The time will be calculated and asked to take a break every 25 minutes.

The cards work well in the configuration of the computer and help the team understand that it is working on what and can also track the status of the tasks. Of course, there are more powerful project management tools, but none is as simple and extensible as Trello.

Getting things done with Trello.

I'm a fan of the Get Done methodology and this is how I manage my time with Trello using the GTD method. You can download my Trello GTD model for the table here.

How to do things with Trello?

Every time an email arrives, or if there is a task that I have to complete or when an idea pops into my mind, I can create a new map in the "Inbox" of my Trello desk. Once a day, "triage" (priority determine) to move to one of the four cubes.

·        If this is something that I expect someone to do, I will move to the waiting list.
·        If the task is not necessary or urgent, saying that I want to read the new GRR Martin novel or call my uncle, I put it on the list Someday / Maybe.
·        If there is a set time for a task, such as presentation rates or presentation of a document to an event, I move this card in Calendar and assign a given map. You can easily link to your Google Calendar Trello list using iCal power.
·        If a card does not fall into any of the above compartments and is absolutely necessary, I put it in the "Must do" list.

Every morning, I take the most important letters you need to make the list and put it on today's list. These are the things I plan to do today.

If the list is necessary to make a list It is clear, then I move some cards waiting list Someday / Maybe at the end of the day and manage these maps. Any issues pending at the end of the day should be returned to the respective lists.

The idea is that if you can go in the inbox list, you can have more clarity on what you do.

Trello FOR book writing.

Here is a partial view of my picture Trello from my book on the history of India - "Since appointment with Tendulkar." I am using the table to organize my chapters, ideas, references and everything else.

Trello to teach a class.

I teach courses for entrepreneurs, product managers, aspiring business schools and civil participants in various methods of study. Here is a screenshot of my Trello table for a class for aspiring business school.

Trello for shopping.

My wife and I shared a Trello card with all the things to buy. Or one of us puts things there and when one of us does his shopping, the card becomes our shopping list. Collecting things at the supermarket, I also checked the item on the Trello card. When my wife needs these things again, she simply checks article déchaie. Therefore, it is not necessary to continue adding existing elements to the card.

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