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How to can Google Remember Things for You?

How to can Google Remember Things for You?

Do you remember important things that you think to forget? Some rely on the brain to store information while others prefer to write things in the post-it. There are lots of digital note taking applications - Evernote for Trello - which can also help you remember anything with ease.

There is another interesting option from Google that you might want to explore to remember things. Assistant called Google, the voice assistant application that is already available on new Android phones. If you do not, you can still use the Google Allo wizard in the Google app available for iPhone and Android.

How to can Google Remember Things for You?

Allow GOOGLE remember things for you:

First, say "Ok Google" to start Google Assistant on the phone and say "Remember ..." followed by the information you want Google to remember. For example, you might say:

·        Remember my favorite color is blue.
·        Remember that my registration number is Z1234.
·        Remember, I parked the car on the second level.
·        Remember that the security code of my hotel room 6666.

You can start the Google Assistant anytime later and request information previously stored Google.

How do i apply what google recommends?

You could say something like: "What I said about my favorite color?" Or "What's my registration number?" If Google is not able to understand your question, you could say "what I asked you to remember?" Write down the last 5 things you asked Google to remember.

How do i apply what google recommends?

How to delete google memory?

If the list has become large, you can also use the voice to ask Google to forget the things you remember. You can say "Forget what I said about my favorite color," or say "What you asked them to remember" and press the "# Forget" key to delete any items that are listed from Google's memory.

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