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Apple iphone 7 Update: Portrait Mode

Apple iPhone 7  Update:  portrait mode in iphone 7

When Apple revealed the iPhone 7 Plus, one of the great features they showed was the vertical mode. It used two cameras to capture both subject and depth information on the stage, build a multi-layer depth map, and then use a custom disk blur to simulate depth of field, or the bokeh effect around To the topic.

In beta for more than a month after the release of the iPhone 7 Plus, it is sent to the public with IOS 10.1. I have used since beta, and I am very happy with it. Although it has been designed for portraits, as its name implies, and uses face detection in the process, the real-world range is much wider.

It works well on pets, of course - my colleague, Hany Nabil, known as Pet-making mode - but also for nature photography, still life, product plans, food choices, and more. The only place that has real problems is highly reflective surfaces, which makes taking pictures of bottles, glasses, and - haha! - IPhone 7 Black Black difficult because it will confuse the way of thinking areas that need attention.

Apple also made a lot of really smart choices with the software. For example, because portrait mode needs a lot of light to properly engage the f / 2.8 telephoto, lower light portraits will be noisy. Instead of just making it noisy, Apple has tweaked the software to make it sound like it remembers the old grain of the movie.

The result is somewhat better sense than seen. There is emotional content for fashion portraits that have no experience with front camera phones.

The camera interface is very good. Since obtaining a Portrait Mode mode requires a specific distance and illumination, the application guides you through the process. He will tell you closer or farther, and when you need more light.

When taking the photo, you can also get the normal version and the version in vertical mode, just like you do with the HDR, so you can choose the one you prefer. Vertical mode version is marked as "depth effect", which is a strange choice given to Apple specifically called the "vertical mode" function. This is a nice, easier to use options, but I would see reflected in the image tagging well for the consistency.

Although this is not the portrait mode has been optimized for, I love the photos of the product enough so that I did not shoot with my Canon 5D Mark II from obtaining IOS 10.1. I have to be more careful with light and angles, but now I can draw anywhere, anytime, without having to load a DSLR with me.

And for people, pets, photos of iPhones and coffee, and everything else, that's exactly what I wanted in the picture. About the only thing I would like to see improved is the possibility of using it in a lower light of day.

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