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Apple iPhone 7 info about "A10 Fusion" "Water Resistance"

Apple iPhone 7 A10 Fusion:

Apple iPhone 7 info about  "A10 Fusion" "Water Resistance" / Brand Map

Apple has taken the lead in silicon mobile for a while now. They were the first to go 64-bit, and as they did not multi-platform support luggage, they did not deploy third-party chips in addition to their own, and did not have to worry about profit and loss on the chipset, they can build Exactly what they need every year, and just keep running forward.
This year, however, the A10 is something new - fusion. Apple pushed so far its two high performance cores, so fast, that they ran the risk of creating a hollow to the low. Instead of leaving this way, however, they had the opportunity to slip into a pair of high efficiency and hearts.

This adds four cores, two ARM-style Big.little cores. But the system only sees at the same time. This is because Apple's custom controller works invisibly, behind the scenes, to assign the right to set good work. Combined with a hexagonal graphics core processor, it allows more time for Apple to leap ahead in terms of power, but also in terms of energy savings.

From the supply side, Apple gained the lead in "multi-core" performance even though it only uses two cores at a time, and other processors may have many more. This is where Apple's leadership in "single-core" is valuable to see, almost double that of competing processors. Surprisingly, A10 trounne even the current MacBook Air, and is comparable to the 2013 MacBook Pro. Both are running 64-bit Intel Core Duo. And it fits in the pocket of your tight jeans.

On the efficiency side, add a few larger batteries, and the iPhone 7 actually gets an average of two extra hours of power per day, and the iPhone 7 Plus an additional hour. This is important because, just like the early days of the iPhone were in battery life while checking email and surfing the web, now is the battery life while using Facebook, Snapchat or Go Pokemon - with On the screen once. It is brutal, so any improvement is important. One or two more hours, big.

M10, the new sensor fusion motion sensors on the iPhone 7 is integrated as last year, and offers the same functionality: Allows the A10 to sleep while it follows acceleration, gyroscope, altitude and all other positional measurements .

For LTE, iPhone 7 supports an additional bandwidth this year as well as aggregating 3x carriers for speeds up to 450 Mbps. You will never have that if everyone is less on vacation and you are sitting alone in the tower . Apple also passed some Intel modems this year.

This means that all iPhones 7 are not compatible with CDMA - Verizon and Sprint, which restricts the industry. It is reproduced in the CDMA exorbitant licensing authorizations of the world is necessarily eaten for years and does not affect most of the world at all. If you are in or believe that over time you can switch to Verizon or Sprint in the US, however, you want to make sure you get the model that supports CDMA (and China).

Apple iPhone 7 Water Resistance / Brand Map

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