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Apple iPhone 7 Wide Gamut Color

Apple iPhone 7 Wide Gamut Color 

Apple iPhone 7 Wide Gamut Color / Brand Map
There is another tip in the sleeve of the iPhone 7: You can capture images in a wider range of colors than typical cameras. Specifically, in the Digital Cinema P3 Initiative (DNI-P3), which Apple calls P3 Screen. This is the range of colors used by digital
cinema projectors in the United States, and wider than the typical sRGB space used by most phones screens, tablets and computers. This means that with the iPhone 7, you get deeper red, magenta and orange, richer, brighter and more beautiful - much closer than the human eye can see.

In addition, the iPhone Retina HD 7 screen can also view the P3, such as the iMac Retina 5K in 2015 and the iPad 9.7-inch Pro. It is also much brighter than the iPhone 6 screen, and a bit easier To use outdoors in full sun.

Unfortunately, there is no true tone like the iPad's 9.7-inch Pro. It's color technology coloring Apple colors. Prevents the Pro baby's screen from looking too hot or cold and blue and yellow, and instead retains a soft white, paper-like look.
Apple may not have been able to adapt to the additional ambient light sensors needed to boost a certain tone in the already overcrowded case of the iPhone, but I'd like to see it one day. Everywhere.

IOS and MacOS 10 also contains Apple's advanced color management technology, which means it's firing, displaying and storing this color gamut when it moves between your devices images - even if all these devices are not compatible P3 load. (I think color management is also forward thinking, so it will take on the next generation, even larger, standard Rec. 2020, when it becomes more common as well.)

The results are the eyes when you see it on the screen. These reds, magenta and oranges really pop, almost like a fog layer has been cleared. I showed him the photos he shot at a lot of people we met during our trip, and we were also impressed. Once you see P3, all other screens appear opaque and dull.
Apple iPhone 7 Cameras / Brand Map

Apple iPhone 7 Update: Portrait Mode / Brand Map

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