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Apple iPhone 7 Design | Speakers

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, fuses, transformers, same lenses, to bring us the best performance, battery life and camera ever - minus a headphone jack.
Apple iPhone 7 Design | Speakers / Brand Map

Apple iPhone 7 "Design":
IPhone 7 is very similar to the last two iPhones. I understood. As the observations are, it is far from astute, but  I get it, Here's the thing: iPhone is an icon. It is an industrial design team of Apple object worked ceaselessly to perfect from before the original shipment. At the risk of being just as trite.
Just as human hands have evolved in a uniformly useful way, so, too, have phones designed to fit these hands. If the triangular phones or ring had been better, they have won. But they did not. This is why almost all of almost all phone manufacturers are also rounded rectangles, year after year.

More sense of criticism is the resolution of the screen. For the third consecutive year, Apple has also retained the 1334 x 750 iPhone 7 screen and 1920 x 1080 for the iPhone 7 Plus, while others pushed it to 1440 x 2560. Choosing the battery life Apple conserves - fewer pixels mean Less On ignition. This is especially true given that the iPhone continues to use no more energy efficient LCD and OLED.

326 pixels per inch (ppi) and 401 ppi are very dense with the naked eye, but only a normal distance. For applications such as VR headphones, they are no longer good enough. Apple uses OLED in the clock, but did not show a great public interest in the virtual reality. As it is currently applied, Apple iPhone's pressure sensitive technology, Touch 3D, also requires the LED backlit liquid crystal display to measure the pressure.

Apple also maintains a bezel for more reports to the screen in the industry. In other words, the phones with big screens competitors can get to work with smaller cases. This makes them easier to hold and carry. I would like to see Apple go in that direction as well.
Apple iPhone 7 Design | Speakers / Brand Map
7 iPhone design has evolved somehow, though. The camera housing of the two lenses iPhone 7 and iPhone both lenses 8 is not a separate room but is now ground into the aluminum housing. I love the look, and unless there is a breakthrough in magical physics, hit the camera is not going anywhere for long, long time. So, just like with the smart battery case, the iPhone 7 is the owner.

There are also two new finishes. The first is a bright black jet, remembering the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, but always in anodized aluminum, not plastic. Apple impregnates the metal with the dye and then polished for hours to get the shine, making it also the least slippery iPhone I've ever had in the same iPhone 3G / 3GS iPhone wrapping. And just like the iPhone 3G / 3GS iPhone, it shows spots, scratches, scratches and scratches far more prominently than other finishes. It is very good if, like me, you can live with the look "used elements" like the Millennium Falcon.

Apple iPhone 7 "Speakers":
IPhone speakers are top of my wish list for years. For a company that modern fortunes are based on music, the state of the iPhone speakers ever was depressing. Not now. Now they are loud, clear and stereo!

Instead of putting two speakers on the bottom, however, Apple has amplified the existing speaker on the bottom, but also turned the headset on top of a full-on companion. This allows much greater separation, and hence the potential of your actual stereo.

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