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Apple iPhone 7 Info about Water Resistance

Apple iPhone 7 Water Resistance:

Apple iPhone 7 Info about Water Resistance / Brand Map

The last year's iPhone 6 case may have reproduced the look of the iPhone 6, but it has been redesigned from the 7000 series aluminum to strengthen 3D and touch including joints for better water resistance. The iPhone 7 enclosure this current period may also have reproduced the look of the last two years but was rebuilt again, this time to officially support the IP67 water resistance according to IEC 6052 standard.

This is the same rating as the original Apple programs. This means that dust can not enter the enclosure, even in the vacuum. Since manufacturers get set their own conditions for liquid inlet, however, it more or less means that if an accident occurs and your iPhone splashes 7 flooded or a dump, you have a better chance of surviving the generations previous.

I say that in this way, very carefully, because a) water resistance can lose effectiveness over time and with repeated exposure, and b) Apple specifically pointed out that the damage is not liquid covered by the guarantee, which is a pain.

Apple iPhone 7 Info about Water Resistance / Brand Map

(Obviously, I'm not financing one and I can not imagine what it would cost the damage of the liquids, but I would like an option for AppleCare +, such as for screen repairs).

So you should not take the iPhone 7 in diving waters or use it as your camera under running water, but if you are caught in the rain, splashed through the car fall into the tub or pool or get water bombed in the Beach, the iPhone should be fine. Mine took several mates during the filming of our review video (see above), and did not break out to sweat ... do not worry about supposedly imported waterproof.

Removing the headphone jack has contributed to water resistance. Some companies use a nanoscopic super-hydrophobic coating to repel water and cut off power to avoid shorts, so they can keep earphone jacks and always offer water resistance. Not all are environmentally friendly, however, and can wear out over time. That's why it does not have the connector makes it easier to have.

Apple iPhone 7 A10 Fusion / Brand Map

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