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Get to know, Twister Game | New info.

For 2 or more players 6 years and older.
Made in the USA.
Out twist your opponents in the game that ties you in knots.
From 2 to 4 players.
Includes vinyl carpet, swivel panel and instructions.

Product Description:

Get ready to reach out and stretch your way around the other players in this crazy classic game! Listen to the body part and color the referee called. When I hear "left foot ... Yellow!" Put your left foot on the yellow circle on the carpet. It sounds easy, but you'll soon find yourself getting in touch with other players to follow the ref instructions. Do not fall and be the last player standing to win!

Over forty years old and going strong! Shortly after its release in 1966, Twister was immediately popular when Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played it on The Tonight Show. A simple concept, with so much potential for hilarity. The game includes a plastic rug with red, blue, yellow and green spots; A centrifuge; And instructions. To play (as if you did not already know ...), two to four players face to face with the plastic carpet in the center. An arbiter rotates the roulette wheel, and then calls the body part and the color indicated by the arrow ("left foot, blue", "right hand, yellow"). All players at the same time, follow the instructions, placing the appropriate part of the body in an empty circle. Players get tangled up more and more, until someone (or all) eventually falls, and is eliminated. The last person standing, squatting, wins. If it does not close (friends and celebrities) and family, we do not know what! Have fun. --Emilie Coulter.

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Risk of suffocation - Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Product Information:

Twister of the strip is exactly what it seems: an adult version of the game Twister may have played as a child. The basic rules are the same, but the additional rules below will keep the fair, play fun and safe for all players.

How is the game played?

There are two ways to play strip tornado. It can be used as a team game with a group of men and women, or can be used as a couples game. One or the other version uses the game Milton Bradley, Twister.

Game Group:

When the game is played in a large group, it is usually drink involved. In fact, a set of rules specifies that the game will not be played until the players are slightly congested as this will make the game too long. More players have had to drink, the harder it is for them to maintain their balance.

Rounds of the strip can be played with a mixed group or a genre, according to the preferences of the group.

A person who does not play this round must be chosen to spin the Twister wheel and call the color. When there is a person who has not fallen and still has clothing, that person is declared a winner.

Couples game:

In the Twister , one of the participants will be designated Turn Control. This means that the spinner should be kept close to the person who is running at all times. The couple can adjust the rules to suit their preferences. The winner of the game will be one who still has clothes and did not fall, just like in the group version of the game.

Game content:

Large Vinyl mat; with Multicolored Circles, on it.
Traditional Rules, of The Game.


Twister game board is placed on the floor with colored circles above. Players remove their shoes and climb on the play mat. The game moderator then converts the spinner and calls the body part and color the arrow drops. For example: green left foot.

Rules of Strip Twister:

The standard, Rules of "Twister" are used in "Strip Twister".

All players; Must be wearing the, same number of articles; of clothing, at the beginning, of The Game.

When The  Spinner lands; on red, the players  must remove one piece, of clothing; after they have moved their hand or foot to  the designated Spot.

If a player falls; or an elbow or knee Touches the mat;  he or  she is out  of The Game.

When removing clothing;  only one hand  or foot is lifted from  the mat at a time and must  be placed back  in the Exact Spot  it was on.

Any player found;  to be wearing  extra clothing must remove the extra Clothing  plus  one more article; of clothing  as a penalty.

There is, no  penalty for; wearing less clothing than  the other  players.

The winner is; determined  by the same rules  as for the traditional  Twister Game.

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