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"BLU R1 HD - 8 GB"|Full phone specifications|Prime Exclusive\

"BLU R1 HD - 8 GB"|Full phone specifications|Prime Exclusive\

Product description:
The introduction of BLU R1 HD - 8 GB, the new member of the smartphone BLU R1 HD - 8 GB family. The new BLU R1 HD - 8 GB promises performance, power and style.
BLU R1 HD - 8 GB, ARM Cortex MediaTek 6735 Fast 1.3 GHz processor with 8 GB of internal memory and 1 GB of RAM.
Enjoy the best of Google Android 6.0 marshmallow, including Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and more.
Offers and announcements, including personalized offers and recommendations are displayed on the lock office screen.
BLU R1 HD - 8 GB; Supports dual SIM and MicroSD charging up to 64 GB expandable storage.
Excellent 5-inch high-definition screen with Gorilla Glass 3 curved protection, plus an 8 MP main camera and a 5 MP autofoto camera that includes an LED flash on the front.
More 4G LTE operator supports GSM unlocked for your favorite or for international travel.
First members have unlimited access to movies and Premium TV is shown in the first Music, First BLU "R1 HD - 8 GB" Photos storage, offers and more with a selection of pre-installed applications, including Amazon underground, where more than 2,000 subscription requests, games and features integrated into 100% free application.
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Product Features:
Specs summary:
What's good?

Affordable price.
Clear and relatively sharp display.
The good performance.
Good battery life.

What is bad?
The camera malfunctions in low light situations.
Version subsidized by Amazon puts the lock screen and notifications.
Many applications pre-installed Amazon.

Reviews summary:
BLU R1 HD - 8 GB,  is a relatively unknown name in the smartphone market. The Florida-based company specializing in affordable hardware and R1 HD is no exception to the rule. The phone is available to Amazon Prime members for less than $ 100, but it also means that they will allow the ads on their screen to block, in their notifications and accept a preinstalled Amazon application package. For those who do not want to deal with all this, there is an unlocked version, but it will cost a little over $ 100.

"BLU R1 HD - 8 GB" For a budget phone, it features amazing surprises with its sleek design from its slim aluminum frame to rectangle curve shape. Although it will not be confused with a flagship phone, keep in mind that it has its own charm and is very easy to enter by the soft back to the touch and dimensions of 5.6 x comfortable 2.8 x 0.3 Inches. The back is also erased to reveal two SIM card slots and a microSD slot. Despite the low price tag, critics do not have the experience and problems that affect many other low end phones like bending, cracking or loose buttons.

BLU R1 HD - 8 GB, The 5-inch, 720p LCD is not the best you can find on the market, but critics are always impressed by its color, contrast and viewing angles. At 294 ppi, it may not be as sharp as the high-end smartphones on the market, but critics were still very happy with the way the text and images are viewed. BLU R1 HD - 8 GB;  It was not until compared to the side of a high-end phone that they really noticed the difference. Still, for the price, they consider it good enough.

BLU R1 HD - 8 GB|It should not be surprising that this is not a power. Still, armed with a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and up to 2 GB of RAM, it is not overly slow. In fact, most experts consider it good enough, because there were no serious problems in the daily tasks. Surprisingly, he also handled the game fairly well, but he noticed a bit of stuttering More graphics intensive games. "BLU R1 HD - 8 GB"  The life of the 2500mAh battery was also quite good and generally lasted around a full day, even with heavy use. Unfortunately, there is no fast charging capability, but it is not too surprising given that many smartphones with the highest prices do not come with this functionality either.

BLU R1 HD - 8 GB\ The 8-megapixel rear camera can not support high-end phones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but could offer the experts with accurate color pictures in good lighting conditions. BLU R1 HD - 8 GB; with such a low number of megapixels, they were not surprised to see pixelation in the images, especially when they have focused. Unfortunately, as the light fell so that the camera's ability to take good pictures. In low light situations, there were visible kernels and an even greater loss.

"BLU R1 HD - 8 GB" Depending on the model you receive - or the unlocked version of the exclusive Amazon - will affect the cost of Blu R1 HD. Critics have trouble recommending the phone to powerful users who pop up ads on The lock screen and notifications ar annoying. For the value of Associate in Nursing unfastened version, they were also able to find other comparable smartphones that offer better performance, higher resolution cameras and a better display. Toms' guide adds: "... BLU R1 HD - 8 GB is still very good ... if other phones are out of their price range, but you should be prepared to deal with the ads if you want to pay as little as possible" Ars States Technica, " BLU R1 HD - 8 GB should really be on the table if you try to buy the phone can for less money ... as a phone buyer, you would be much happier to have a mobile subsidized by Amazon, but without cutting Google's ecosystem I was going to buy a product of the fire ... ", " BLU R1 HD - 8 GB".

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